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If you do not want or cannot hire a professional bookkeeper, Customized Quickbooks Training is addressed to you

Customized QuickBooks Training

Because every business is different

Why waste time and money to follow a whole training program if you need only part of it?

We meet with you to evaluate your needs then we set up personal and customized training for you.

You only pay for the module you need

  • Customer Module: invoices, sales receipts, payments, deposits, credit memos, statement charges, and customer statements

  • Vendor Module: bills, bill payments, checks, and credit memos

  • Banking Module: bank accounts reconciliation and identification of discrepancies

  • Inventory Module: purchase orders, receiving items, adjusting inventory

  • GST-HST module: reporting sales taxes

  • Setup chart of accounts, merge accounts, create account

  • Payroll: preparing paycheques, paying and calculating government remittances, creating payroll items and new employees, preparing T4 and T4 Summary

  • Reports: profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow statement, export reports to Excel

  • Working with budgets

Unlimited Free Consultation 

We welcome you with our no-obligation 100% free unlimited consultation to help you to understand the depth and intricacy of your tax and business issues. We will be proud to offer you the step-by-step action plan for all your tax and accounting issues and it will be absolutely your choice to do from there.

If you want us to help, we will be happy to serve you at a very competitive price with a price match guarantee.

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